About Avalon Glass and Mirror Mirror Manufacturers with Over 60 Years of Experience

Since 1955, Avalon Glass and Mirror has been on the cutting edge of mirror manufacturing. Quick to adapt to a changing industry and incorporate new technology, our 75,000 square foot facility can handle projects of any scale, while our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities ensure your mirrors are of the very highest quality.

Quality & Innovation

Utilizing high-end tools like German-made Klöpper equipment on our production line and staffed by experienced professionals, Avalon has led the way in both quality and innovation for over 60 years. Avalon is proud to serve commercial and residential glaziers, cabinet manufacturers, millworks companies, and OEM manufacturers across the United States and in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Contact our expert team today to discuss your project, learn more about our range of custom specialty and antique mirror styles, request product samples, and find out how Avalon can help make your project a reality!

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About Avalon Glass and Mirror, a Glasswerks Company

Avalon Glass and Mirror manufactures a broad range of specialty and custom mirrors, located in Carson, California and serving a broad range of clients nationwide.


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  • P: 800-422-8806
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