Colorwerks Décor from Avalon Durable Custom Back-Painted Glass

Avalon Glass and Mirror’s range of Colorwerks Décor back-painted glass combines contemporary style with practical appeal, and offers the perfect alternative to traditional materials like granite, steel, stone, and tile for both interior and exterior applications.

A modern take on traditional back-painted glass, Colorwerks Décor combines Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass™ by PPG and optional, mirror-style backing paint. This modern back-painting process means that no special adhesive is required to mount Colorwerks Décor. Simple mirror mastic is all you need, for increased versatility and easy installation!

We can custom-cut our Colorwerks Décor glass to any size or shape. We also keep stock 96” x 130” sheets on hand, ready for pick up or delivery to save you valuable lead time! Colorwerks Décor is available in standard Black, White, and Irish Mint. Or, if you prefer, we can also provide a range of custom colors to match your specifications for a completely custom look!

Back-Painted Glass Applications

Ideal for interior spaces with a modern look, our Colorwerks Décor back-painted glass can be used to divide large spaces or to increase privacy. It is perfect for meeting rooms, wall-cladding, furniture tops, and other interior design elements. Just let your imagination run wild, or contact us directly for help shaping your vision.

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